Amazon Cloud

At Xfinion we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host your servers and deploy your software. AWS has become the leading pioneer in cloud based services, and they offer an extensive list of features that can meet the needs of any business.

Services like EC2 allow us to create secure servers on the fly, capture snapshots of your servers to ensure important information does not get lost, and configure load balancers to distribute the hits to multiple servers. Amazon CloudWatch offers a wide array of monitoring options so that your servers can be monitored 24/7. Email alerts can be configured to alert us if there are any potential issues, so we can troubleshoot and resolve them before any of your services are disrupted. Amazon’s S3 storage buckets allow us to securely store important data on the cloud.

There are many reasons why we’ve chosen to use AWS. Their services are secure, reliable, cost effective, and extremely powerful. Many well-known companies have chosen AWS to host their servers including Netflix, Spotify, Yelp, and of course Amazon’s own