Agile Approach

Xfinion believes in taking an innovative approach to developing software and ensuring our customer’s needs and satisfaction are our top priority, which is why we have chosen to use the agile development model. Older methods such as the waterfall method, may have been around longer, but do not offer the flexibility for change as does the agile method.

The problem with the waterfall method is that it focuses on gathering all of an application’s requirements in detail first before any design or coding can even begin. Let’s face it, no matter how much planning is done in advance, once development starts changes are bound to occur. Many times, problems aren’t even discovered until user testing starts, which is why the waterfall method is not the best approach, since changes disrupt the entire process.

However, using an agile approach in development promotes change throughout the whole development cycle, and it does so in such a way that it allows our developers to handle changes without affecting the flow of the development process in a negative way. With the agile approach, our customers are involved throughout the entire development process. We welcome their feedback, and use it to help identify problems so that we can fix them quickly before the next iteration is implemented.

By involving our customers, it helps to ensure they receive a finished product that they are completely satisfied with.

Not only does the agile approach benefit our customers, but it also helps maintain a collaborative working environment for our development teams. Working together in this manner increases productivity, speeds up development times, leads to a flow of better ideas, and ultimately reduces the overall cost of development for our clients.